the writer lady - angel y gilreath

Hi, i'm angel, the author. fuzzyspout often call me "the writer lady" which is kind of cute (i guess?). i started writing poems and short stories as a kid, and it was my mom who told me i had something (but in true kid fashion, i ignored her).it wasn't until i sort of stumbled into children's books 14 years ago that i realized she might be a "little bit" right. in the near future i hope to start illustrating because as it stands now, i can't draw anything beyond a hangman figure. when i'm not writing i'm parenting, co-parenting, grandparenting, involved with other projects, at the zoo, a theme park, and sometimes i sleep.


I'm fuzzy! spout sometimes calls me "fuzz". i like staying clean and being pretty - i never leave without my pink bow! i love going on adventures with spout, taking naps, winning at everything, and loving everybody (except bullies - bullies are mean!). unlike most cats, i don't like fish, but guess what i do like - cake!!


spout here! i'm happy-go-lucky, and like fuzzy, i love to go on adventures! i love the sandbox, taking dirt baths, and doing headstands because they're so cool! you know what else? i like to chase birds! i'm very different from fuzzy but that's okay because we're still best friends! oh, one more thing - i'm allergic to peanuts!